Clearway Invoice Approvals

Isabella White

Efficiency is up, manual labour is down, and the month-end accruals are 100% accurate. This is a snapshot into the automated tool for success that is Clearway. There is no doubt that many B2B businesses will understand the inefficiency that comes with approving invoices by email – whether it be a month late approvals, fraudulent invoices or a completely missed payments, many current processes can create an ongoing headache for businesses and lead to your accounts team pulling their hair out every month. This is where both our invoice data capture and Clearway invoice approval solution comes in. Clearway creates a streamlined process that helps businesses save time, improve cash flow, oversee processes and create happier vendors.

What is Clearway?

Clearway is an invoice approval workflow solution that works hand in hand with our data capture technology to automate and streamline the whole process – receiving, categorising, and tracking relevant approvals.

We capture the information from any printed, handwritten or PDF document by scanning and converting it to an electronic file/digital image.

Clearway then creates a streamlined approval process allowing financial personnel to have a clear oversight into the process, and the ability to easily track cash flow and approvals. They will gain visibility into the timeframe totals and approvals that are due, who has or needs to approve certain amounts or invoices, and a snapshot of total liabilities. Once the data from the invoices has been captured, and all necessary approvals are completed, Clearway is then integrated with the relevant accounting platform that your business uses – Xero, MYOB, SAP etc, to upload all finalised invoicing.

Benefits for your business:

  • Invoices are auto categorised, sorted in specific categories and forwarded to respective stakeholders for approval

  • Multiple approval levels can be configured depending on the required invoice workflow, with all invoices stored in a central location that can be search in real time 

  • The service can be used as a KPI tool - allowing you to set timeframes and automatic reminders in the desired timeframe

  • 100% accuracy at month end accruals

  • Automatic coding and ABN/invoice number verification - as a method of fraud protection

If you would like more information about our Clearway Invoice Approvals solution, please click on the contact us link below and one of our solutions consultants will contact you