Accounts Payable Automation

(AP Automation)

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What is AP Automation ?

Accounts Payable Automation Solutions

Accounts Payable Automation is a proven business strategy to create value and revenue by simplifying the tedious cycle of processing invoices from initial receipt to final payment. 

Automation of invoice processing reduces reliance on paper forms, faxes and documents providing the advantage of dynamic discounts and accelerated payments. It provides finance personnel with greater visibility over liabilities, cash management, accruals and accounting processes. 

The Pacific Commerce AP Automation solution combines content and business processes to create an automated workflow that moves invoices through a well-defined series of tasks and approvals, whilst seamlessly integrating with your enterprise systems.

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How does AP Automation work?

Transform your accounting process

AP Automation process flow

Accounts Payable Automation services

Data Capture Services

Handwritten, printed, PDF and EDI Invoices are set up for data capture. 

Our data capture services are accompanied by manual, verification if there is a rejection.

Accounts Payable Automation Processing

3-way matching services

Invoices are validated using header or line-level matching or both, in order to highlight discrepancies, ensure maximum Invoice accuracy and matching rates against Purchase Orders.

Accounts Payable Automation companies

Approval workflow

Financial personnel can track Invoices, see who is sending, amounts, when due, who modified, who approved, amount of total liabilities - complete audit trail of all steps in the process. 

Easily identify system and approval bottlenecks, ensure that service-level agreements (SLAs) and discounts have been met.

  Benefits of AP Automation

From implementing AP Automaton the most significant benefit is the reduction of administrative overheads.

There are also significant productivity and financial benefits including: 

AP Automation

Time savings

AP Automation - Less processing

Accurate data processing

Benefits of AP Automation

Real-time monitoring

AP Automation benefits

Efficient record-keeping

Benefits of AP Automation

Streamlined processes

Benefits of AP Automation

Oversight into processes

Benefits of AP Automation

Pay-on-time discounts

Benefits of AP Automation

Happier vendors

Benefits of AP Automation

Invoice/PO matching

Benefits of AP Automation

Reduced mailroom activities

Benefits of AP Automation

Reduced processing costs

Benefits of AP Automation

Improved cash flow

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