Accounts Receivable Automation

(AR Automation)

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What is AR Automation ?

What is AR Automation?

Accounts Receivable Automation, or AR Automation, is the process of automating the capture, validation, extraction, conversion and release of data from your incoming Purchase Orders into your accounting system. 

With AR Automation, any company dealing with substantial amounts of purchases can reduce overheads, improve accuracy and operational efficiency by streamlining the data capture and extraction process. 

These productivity enhancements are achieved through data capture and conversion of both hardcopy and electronic documents including PDFs, email attachments, digital files, printed documents and more.

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How does AR Automation work?

AR Automation Services
AR Automation examples

Data Capture Services

Handwritten, printed, PDF or electronic Purchase Orders are set up for data capture.

Our data capture services are accompanied by manual data verification if there is a rejection.

Accounts Receivable Automation examples

Data Validation

Purchase Order details can be validated against various data sources. These include individual customer price lists, master data files, CRM details and delivery locations.

To ensure Purchase Orders are 100% correct they are processed electronically and manually verified if an error occurs.

AR Automation solutions


Once the data has been captured and then it is validation it can be submitted into your ERP package.

Benefits of AR Automation

From implementing AR Automaton the most significant benefit is the reduction of administrative overheads.

There are also significant productivity and financial benefits including: 

Time savings

Accurate data processing

Real-time monitoring

Efficient record-keeping

Streamlined processes

Oversight into processes

Happier buyers

Reduced mailroom activities

Reduced processing costs

Improved cash flow

Accurate stock delivery

Increased order processing

Increased sales

Reduced data entry errors

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