Business Process Automation Services.

Take the manual processes out of your business with automation.

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What is Business Process Automation?

Stop wasting time on manual back office tasks. Outsource to us and save. 

Business Process Automation Services

Business Process Automation is the process of replacing manual / out of date business processes with technology to transform your businesses operations digitally.

According to the ATO, it costs on average:

  • $30.87 to process a Paper invoice,

  • $27.67 to process a PDF invoice,

  • and only $9.18 to process a digital invoice.

This is just one example of the back of office processes that can be automated and the immediate saving that can be achieved. 

By automating your back of office/manual processes, you can not only save you over 2/3rds of your overheads and processing costs but also unlocking an abundance of productivity gains due to enhanced relations with suppliers and vendors due to accurate data and fast track processing times.

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Our Business Process Automation services

Business Process Automation Australia

Digitalisation as a Service (DaaS)


Digitalisation as a Service (DaaS) removes the manual data entry associated with your document processing. With DaaS, you can automate your documents and streamline operational processes by digitising your documents into a format that integrates with your business software package.

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Document Capture and Exchange (DCX)


With Document Capture and Exchange (DCX) you can automate the documentation associated within your supply chain and streamline operational processes by electronically converting trading documents into an electronic format that integrate with your software package.

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EDI or Electronic Data Interchange is the virtual exchange of data or business documents in electronic format between trading partners. This exchange consists of transferring purchase orders, invoices, payments, shipping notices and various other documents.

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Clearway (invoice approval workflow solution)

Increase AP team agility with Clearway. Clearway is an Invoice management system that improves data accuracy, expedites Invoice processing and increases spend visibility by automating Invoice data capture and approvals in a single application.

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Mail Room Services Outsourcing (partner service)

If you don’t have the in-house resources to meet increasing demand, or you need a hand to get back on track, outsourcing your mail room services to Datatime provides the peace of mind that your work will be completed in a timely manner.

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Document Scanning and Imaging (partner service)

We understand that there will always be a need for paper in business. However, we also recognise that issues can occur from inefficient methods of managing and maintaining your documents. Outsource and save!

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Benefits of Business Process Automation

Reduce overheads

Reduce administrative overheads by automating the capture and conversion of your business data

Reduced manual handling

Manual handling is costly, error-prone and expensive due to fluctuating supply and demand

Reduced errors

Manual handling causes unforeseeable errors due to mismanagement of information which can be costly

Improved process and timelines

Dramatically enhance your processing times and overall productivity timelines

Improved visibility

Improved visibility into business processes up to 10 times faster than manual

Improved employee satisfaction

Reduction in administration work ensures employees have reduced mundane tasks increasing satisfaction levels

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