Document Capture  Exchange (DCX)

What is DCX?

Document Capture Exchange (DCX) provides the exchange of documents and data from an organisation and its customers all the way through to their suppliers and trading partners. 

With DCX you can automate the documentation associated within your supply chain and streamline operational processes by electronically converting trading documents into an electronic format that integrate with your software package.

DCX is specifically designed for SMEs that don’t have the technological capabilities for EDI and/or have limited resources at their disposal and are in need of a supplementary solution.

With DCX you can open your doors to an untapped number of new business opportunities by having an automated document capture and exchange service.

Document Conversion

How does DCX work?

DCX starts by the scanning paper invoices at the product level, translating this data to your required formats and placing data into a designated area to be picked up by your customer's accounting system. You don't need to change your ERP solution as the DCX output speaks a universal language and allows seamless trading with your business partners.


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DCX Process flow

 Document Capture and eXchange
  1. Paper invoices are scanned, or

  2. The PDF Invoices will be received by the Communication Interface and passed to Scanning Services for Data Extraction. 

  3. DCX manages the interface between Communication and Scanning to ensure all documents are accounted for. 

  4. Scanning services module will extract relevant data and pass it back to the Communication Interface. 

  5. Communication Interface will then store Invoices in Clearway and inform designated person that an Invoices is waiting for an approval.

  6. Once Invoices are approved they can be allocated a GL account and accepted. The Communication Interface will then pass it to the PCX exchange to convert to your desired format so it can be imported into your ERP/Accounting System.

Benefits to your business

Reduced operational costs

DCX reduces the time spent manually processing and sending documents.

Minimises errors

DCX eliminates clerical errors.

Maximises business efficiency

DCX streamlines your processes by reducing clerical tasks and eliminating data entry errors. 

Improved payment timelines

DCX reduces time delays in sending and receiving documents to help keep payment terms achievable.

Integrates seamlessly with ERP's and other EDI's

DCX speaks a universal language allowing you to trade with multiple stakeholders seamlessly.

Output of market-leading technology

The output of DCX is the highest in the industry. 

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