Why do our customers choose us?

Here are some of the reasons why our customers choose us as their preferred EDI Van

erp to edi


We have been operating for over 20 years.

edi to erp


We are trusted by government departments and some of Australia's largest companies.



We have successfully implemented 1000's of EDI solutions across APAC.

electronic data interchange to enterprise resource management


We provide world-class technology.

electronic data interchange retail


Our solutions utilise some of the best security around.

electronic data interchange


We are 100% Australian owned and operated. Local support goes a long way.


Our EDI solutions plug into the following software to ensure your transactions are as smooth as possible:

Who can you connect with?

Here are just a small handful of companies that we can connect you with from implementing our retail EDI solutions

Woolworths EDI 
Coles EDI 
The Good guys EDI 
Target EDI 
Spotlight EDI 
Reece EDI 
Officeworks EDI 
Myer EDI 
Mitre 10 EDI 
Metcash EDI 
KMart EDI 
Harvey Norman EDI 
David Jones EDI 
Costco EDI 
Bunnings Warehouse EDI 
Big W EDI 
Aldi EDI 
Total Tools EDI+ MANY MORE 

Benefits of EDI

The number of benefits of EDI is endless.  Here are our favourites

Reduced resources

Processing invoices

Processing invoices cost a lot of time and money. 


Re-allocate the staff needed for data entry and processing


Save on paper, stamps, storage, and all costs associated with outgoing mailing

External benefits

Enhanced trading relationships

Happier trading partners as payments and orders are automated

Faster turnaround times

Receive orders and payments in shorter timeframes helping cash flow

Happier customers 

Help your customers with the products they need in a faster turnaround time

Internal benefits

Enhanced productivity

No more spending time on manual data entry and finding documents to recover issues

Happier staff

Your staff no longer have to manually process invoices 

Smarter decision making

With a full data history, you can make smart decisions based on your history. 

Fewer errors

No more data entry

Data entry is time-consuming and error-prone due to the strenuous nature

Misplaced documents

Documents unexpectedly disappear but not with EDI as there is a full data history

Human error

Everyone makes mistakes, reduce these with automated processes

How does EDI work?

The goal of EDI is to reduce unnecessary manual processes with automated procedures as seen below

How does EDI work?

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