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Since 1996 we've assisted the growth of Australian Health organisation on both sides of the supply chain. 

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How does the Pacific Health Exchange work?


The Pacific Health Exchange (PHE) provides suppliers, wholesalers, hospitals, pharmacies and care facilities various other bodies healthcare industry with an efficient, cost-effective solution for conducting business transactions electronically with Australian hospitals and other healthcare groups.

Pacific Commerce has created the PHE to incorporate a breadth of messaging standards for the health industry, including NPC and XML. The PHE ensures that documents traded between partners reach their destination quickly and accurately, eliminating waiting times, manual data entry and manual processing errors.

How the Pacific Health Exchange connects the Australian health sector

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Connected through the PHE including all major state jurisdictions (VIC Health, NSW Health, etc, excluding QLD Health).

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Connected through the PHE including some of the worlds leading pharmaceutical and other suppliers.

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400,000+ EDI transactions/month 

Over 400,000 transactions come through the PHE every month.

Benefits of EDI in Healthcare

Healthcare EDI

Reduced costs

Healthcare EDI

Faster procure-to-pay cycles

Healthcare EDI

Reduced processing times

Electronic Data Interchange Health

Minimal errors

Health EDI

Enhanced Stock Management

Healthcare EDI

Enhanced Patient Services

edi health

Realtime product-based information

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