Invoice Approval Workflow Solution

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What is Clearway Invoice Management ?

Invoice Approval Workflow Solution

Increase AP team agility with Clearway. Clearway is an Invoice management system that improves data accuracy, expedites Invoice processing and increases spend visibility by automating Invoice data capture and approvals in a single application.

As an Invoice approval workflow tool, Clearway makes the process of reviewing and approving supplier Invoices before payment simple and easy. Invoices are sorted into specific categories and forwarded to the respective stakeholders for approval.

Multiple approval levels are configured depending on the required Invoice workflow and all Invoices are stored in a central location and can be searched in real-time.

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How does Clearway work?

Process flow

Managing Invoices

Data Capture Services

Handwritten, printed, PDF and EDI Invoices are set up for digital data capture.

The data capture process is accompanied by manual verification if there is a rejection.

Invoice processing system

Approval Workflow

Financial personnel can track Invoices, see who is sending them, what the totals are when they are due, who modified them, who approved them when they were approved and the amount of the total liabilities - a complete audit trail of all steps.

Easily identify system and approval bottlenecks, ensure that service-level agreements (SLAs) and discounts have been met.

Invoice data capture


Once the data from the Invoices have been captured, converted or extracted and approved, they are stored for historical purposes.

Benefits of Clearway Invoice management

Time savings

Accurate data processing

Real-time monitoring

Efficient record-keeping

Streamlined processes

Oversight into processes

Pay-on-time discounts

Happier vendors

Reduced mailroom activities

Reduced processing costs

Improved cash flow

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