About the NTE  

The NARTA Trading Exchange (NTE) has been created to deliver electronic document exchange services (EDI) to members of the National Associated Retail Traders of Australia (NARTA). We have worked alongside many organisations to ensure their retail trading is kept as efficient and as accurate as possible. EDI provides product-level information above industry standards and ensures that stock on hand is used as efficiently as possible.

The NTE uses a sophisticated exchange between both buyers and suppliers regardless of their current electronic trading capability and without the need to change existing business management software. Using NTE, traders can connect to their trading partners through a single connection with advanced management services, providing both visibility and reliable electronic trading. 

Whether you are a large organisation, or an SME looking for new trading opportunities, implementation of the NTE can open the door to business growth.

How does eTrading work for retail?

NTE automates your purchase orders, invoices, etc., utilising electronic data trading exchanges to convert them into your current account software. The use of encrypted SSL connections via virtual transfers ensures that your communications are secure, easy to set up and cost effective.

Our support for Industry document standards leverages the work done already in the standardisation process. If you are not yet able to use the standards, we can translate your format as part of the service.

A centralised, secure management environment is also provided via your unique login. This allows you to check document status, access trading partner details, transaction volumes and other support resources.

Benefits of EDI for Retail

Translation to any software

NTE speaks a universal language to your trading partner's software and there is no need to change solutions.

Improved accuracy and efficiency

By eliminating clerical errors and time taken in manual handling, NTE creates a quick and accurate process.

New business opportunities

After implementation, the NTE allows you to grow your business with new trading partners.

Precise audit trail

NTE tracks and records each transaction creating a trail of your exchanges. This allows reports to be generated quickly and accurately.

Easy to process

The NTE is kept as simple as possible by reducing data entry and re-keying information to create a cost efficient process.

Forecasting stock levels

NTE reporting provides accurate reports to track current stock levels and assist with forecasting efforts.

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