"The team at Pacific Commerce have worked very closely with Total Tools over many years to onboard our suppliers and deliver a solution that delivers mutual benefits for both Total Tools and our Trading Partners. The volume of transactions that are now automated through Pacific Commerce’s EDI solution have allowed us to streamline processes and position for scalable growth into the future”

 Nicole Bemelmans – Executive General Manager - Merchandise

About Total Tools

Total Tools have been passionately servicing Australia for more than 30 years. They stock the widest range of the world’s biggest professional tool brands ensuring you will find what is needed to get the job done.

A proudly Australian owned and operated franchise network, with 81 stores across the country, Total Tools continue to grow and expand their unique offering Nation Wide.

The challenge

With over 80 Stores across Australia, stocking multiple products from over 380 leading Brands, Total Tools were faced with a tremendous administrative process. The volume of paper placed a costly burden on both Total Tools’ support office and their suppliers with staff manually:

  • Raising Purchase Orders and sending these to suppliers 

  • Suppliers sending back Purchase Order acknowledgements 

  • Total Tools either accepting the response or raising a Purchase Order Change 

  • Suppliers then sending Total Tools 

    • Invoices

    • Delivery Slips 

  •  Any manual keying errors (at either end of the supply chain) caused significant delays in both delivery and payment. 

For both Total Tools and their suppliers, the procurement process was riddled with multiple data entry touchpoints not to mention the costly re-work where errors in keying were made. With Total Tools firmly eyeing growth, Nicole Bemelmans, Executive General Manager – Merchandise and her team sought to find a way to streamline processes for the benefit of both Total Tools and their trading partners.

Why did they engage our company to help?

  • Pacific Commerce’s EDI solution was the preferred choice given our extensive experience and ability to convert all document types and formats 

  • Pacific Commerce is well known throughout the industry as the leading Timber and Hardware Business Process consultants 

  • Pacific Commerce are an Australia owned and operated business 

  • Offices in both Melbourne and Sydney 

  • Have an extensive network of diverse clients similar to how Total Tools operate

How did we approach the challenge?

  • Once Pacific Commerce understood Total Tools procurement process and pain points we worked closely with our client to develop turnkey business rules to provide their Trading Partners and begin onboarding. 

  • Communication is key. Holding regular project meetings with Total Tools provides an open and transparent process to keep our client informed of progress, roadblocks etc to ensure milestones are met 

  • Client onboarding and connections to existing Pacific Commerce clients via the Pacific Commerce Exchange

  • Our solution was to place Total Tools onto Pacific Commerce’s flagship Pacific Commerce EDI Exchange. It works as follows: 


  • Prior to implementing EDI, Total Tools struggled with the manual processing burden; had limited ability to accurately report, high overheads and inaccuracy of managing documentation. 

  • Pacific Commerce’s EDI solution has streamlined processes for both Total Tools and their suppliers by providing an integrated and automated workflow solution allowing Total Tools’ Pronto System to talk directly to Supplier’s ERP system, regardless of the system they use. 

  • Reduced administrative costs through automation and reduction in manual processes 

  • Cost savings in operational efficiencies gained 

  • Improved timelines with both faster individual store deliveries and supplier payments with increased speed of invoice approvals 

  • Fewer administrative resources required to process orders 

  • Enhanced quality of data 

  • However, one of the most pleasing benefits is the relationships built with Total Tools suppliers, with EDI taking care of processes, Total Tools and their suppliers have built stronger relationships through shared efficiency gains and greater sales with accurate data at their disposal.