Amazon EDI Compliance

Why connect to SA Health through EDI?

Pacific Commerce makes it easy for you to connect to SA Health through EDI. 

For a once-off administration fee and a small transaction cost per transaction, you can connect to SA Health through EDI and begin to sell more products than ever before. 

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How EDI works

Amazon EDI Connection

We connect you through our Pacific Health Exchange product (the only dedicated EDI exchange) to SA Health. When SA Health raises a purchase order, it is translated through our EDI services and reformatted to the requirements of your ERP system. 

Once the order has been accepted your returned Invoice, ASN and other trading documents are sent back through our EDI services to SA Health's format of choice eliminating any data entry. 

All additional data can also be sent and translated through our services if required.

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Benefits of EDI

From implementing EDI, we have helped many companies add value to their organisation by automatically processing information, reducing clerical tasks, eliminating data entry errors and most importantly - enhancing their buyer network by connecting to companies like SA Health. 

Using EDI for the end-to-end use of electronic transactions throughout the business cycle results in significant savings in time and resources. Current trading partners benefit from the seamless flow of information and availability of the technology opens doors for new business opportunities.


Other benefits include:

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