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Why connect to Thrifty-Link through Pacific Commerce Exchange EDI Services?

Pacific Commerce makes it easy for you to connect to Thrifty-Link through our Pacific Commerce Exchange (PCX) EDI service.

For a once-off administration fee and a small transaction cost per transaction, you can connect to Thrifty-Link through EDI and begin to sell more products than ever before. 

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Why do our customers choose us to connect them to Thrifty-Link?

Here are some of the reasons why our customers choose us as their preferred EDI Van

erp to edi


We have been operating for over 20 years.

edi to erp


We are trusted by government departments and some of Australia's largest companies.



We have successfully implemented 1000's of EDI solutions across APAC.

electronic data interchange to enterprise resource management


We provide world-class technology.

electronic data interchange retail


Our solutions utilise some of the best security around.

electronic data interchange


We are 100% Australian owned and operated. Local support goes a long way.

How EDI works

Through the Pacific Commerce Exchange (PCX), we electronically connect you directly to Thrifty-Link. This allows you to quickly and simply send and receive digital documents and data.

When Thrifty-Link raises a purchase order with you the document is electronically translated through the PCX directly into your desired format.

Once you receive and accept the purchase order, your invoice, ASN, and any additional required documents are sent through the Exchange.


Other benefits include:

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