About Wilmaplex

Wilmaplex Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated manufacturer of quality building and hardware products. They have been producing & distributing at their Victorian location for over 20 years. Wilmaplex has multiple agents in every State of Australia servicing some of Australia’s largest wholesalers and leading hardware store chains. Wilmaplex products are compliant and certified to all Australian Standards where applicable, making them some of the most sought after in Australia.

Life Before DCX
“Wilmaplex looked into implementing an EDI solution last year (2015). It was too costly, and we did not have the technological capabilities or available resources. We were regularly following up our invoices via Mitrecom (Mitre 10’s intranet) to see if invoices had been processed. This was one of the biggest issues and if it wasn’t implemented properly, it would have to be resent via post that was extremely time-consuming and costly. We needed to have the assurance that our tax invoices were processed in partner systems, expeditiously. DCX was a very easy project to implement, and it was tested without any headaches by the TH&E team and there were no other resources required from the Wilmaplex staff”.

Cathy Kilkenny (Accounts/Office Manager)

Customer Success

  • Wilmaplex has tripled their business by becoming compliant with their trading partner’s procedures.

  • DCX was easy to implement.

  • Reduction of monthly costs.

  • Improved accounting efficiency.

  • Improved customer payment timelines.

  • Wilmaplex now has a system that is easy to use and cost efficient.

  • Now assured that our tax invoices are being processed in partner systems expeditiously.

  • Knowledge that our customers are now being provided with a streamlined and efficient service.


  • Needed to streamline Accounts Receivable processes to be compliant with customer procedures.

  • Current system resulted in regularly chasing up invoices in customer systems to see if they had been paid.

  • Overcoming internal technological capabilities.

  • Providing necessary resources to implement new system.

  • Errors resulting in the use of postal services to send invoices, causing delays and inefficiencies.


  • Due to lack of internal resources to implement a fully integrated EDI solution, DCX was the best alternative.

  • Improved internal procedures by replacing printing and mailing of invoices with electronic exchanges via email.

  • Improved accounting efficiency.