What is Master Data Management?

What is MDM?

Master Data Management (MDM) is a method of linking all of an organisation's essential business files to a single master file. This method is commonly implemented to streamline data sharing within an organisation when multiple stakeholders require access. This master file delivers critical information to a shared single point. 

Further to this, we have developed a Product Catalogue Content Management (PCM) e-catalogue system to ensure that your data is streamlined by compiling all relevant information about your line of products. 

What's included?

Master Data Management

MDM is used to manage, update, consolidate and distribute product data. This centralised and robust system allows viewing of constant and enhanced product information from a central source.

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About Boulevard

The PCM system we have developed (Boulevard) is available and recommended for each MDM installation to provide the ability to store content information against each product, including but not limited to, item description, price, brand, range and features. Additionally, corresponding information such as 2D and 3D images may be stored against a product or a range of goods.

About Boulevard

 Benefits of Master Data Management

Eliminate poor quality data

By consolidating your data in one place, all stakeholders have access to the most up to date data.

Fast-track your business processes

Total business integration by placing data in one central place.

Integration of your business processes

MDM allows you to streamline data across your whole business creating a more productive process.

Improved decision-making

Combining your data in the one place allows for better insights into your requirements.

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